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I Love Wikipedia

Thursday, January 04, 2007 by Geoff

Project A119, or "A Study of Lunar Research Flights" was a 1950s top-secret plan developed by the United States Air Force with the intention of dropping an atomic bomb on the Moon. It is presumed that the purpose of such an action would be to display U.S. superiority to the Soviet Union and the rest of the world during the Cold War.
Project A119

What! Were they for real? I've heard some cockamamie ideas before, but...WHAT! At least they were being creative.

"Yes Mr. President, if we drop an atomic bomb on the moon we will show those commies just how ballsy we really are." "The a-bomb you say," said the president, "I like your thinking, Shaffer. You are a real "go getter." That's what we need more of today, "real go getters."" Shaffer replied, "Thanks, sir. I just figure it was sort of fun and interesting when we blew up some of Japan..." "Yeah, it was." Said the President. "And we Americans really like fireworks. So not only will we show how strong we are as a nation, dropping the an atomic bomb on the moon will be giant fireworks explosion. A 2 for 1 deal." The President replied, "Shaffer, I see a bright future in your future." "Thank you, Sir."

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Odds and N's

Wednesday, January 03, 2007 by Geoff

I spent the last week sitting in a secluded section of my home celebrating my Christmas vacation. Using only four official vacation days I was able to squeeze out an 11 day weekend. I also had some help from President Ford, thanks to his death I was given an extra day off. I couldn't have done it without you big guy.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday. The floor around my Christmas tree gave the impression that several kids live in my home. That impression though would be one of great falsitude, the only kid in the house goes by the name of Geoff, and he is 25. Highlights from my presents, cue the music...Notorious B.I.G. figure, Shaun from Shaun of the Dead figure, numerous Batman figures, and a graphic novel which I am still waiting to get, though.

On a more serious subject...Last night we put our Christmas tree to sleep. He was a handsome little guy, he was our first. It was a tear-jerking night as we removed each ornament one-by-one...he was really brave. Since I am the strongest person in the house I was given the honor of taking him out to the sidewalk. It was really hard to see him like that, he was just laying there. Just a few hours before he was bright and colorful, and all Christmasy. We will miss him. We put all of his loose pines in a baggy, we are going to scatter them at the stroke of midnight next Christmas.

With the help of sleep I forgot the prior day's depressing events. So you can understand when why I threw-up out of horror when I saw the sidewalk lined with Christmas tree corpses. My neighbor at least had the decency to wrap his in plastic and tape like a mafia hit.

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