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CCCD: ZOMBIE!!! Friday!

Friday, September 29, 2006 by Geoff

Zombie Commandos From Hell a comic strip.

an anime style zombie comic strip.

Amazon for ZOMBIES!!!

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CCCD: A Little Elbow Blood

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 by Geoff

Halloween decorating enthusiast are, well it seems to me, more resourceful when it comes to decorating their humble abode, than say Christmas decorators.. The reason for this, in the past especially, if you wanted cool decorations outside of cardboard faces of witches and pumpkins you had to make it yourself. Now, I know today they have some pretty sweet props: animatronic zombies, robot draculas. But they are more than often over priced so people opt to make them their selves.

I blame my Halloween obsession on my parents. Especially on my dad. By day he worked as an electrician, by night, in October, he made everything light-up. I'm not talking about he strung up Halloween lights and set our house a blaze. No, this was the time before mass produced Halloween light decorations. I am talking anything he could stick a light bulb in, he would. For example, you remember those McDonald Halloween pail/buckets that use to come with a happy meal? I believe we had two orange ones and a white one and you know what? They ended up with light bulbs in them, and it was awesome! My father also utilized the power of the house hold spotlight on certain porch displays; he might not have been the first but he was a head of his time.

Now, it is my turn to be resourceful. It is my turn to take the unspooky and make it spooky. I've spent enough money on pre-made Halloween decorations, it is time for me to go back to my roots and create a ghost out of a ball of cotton, some tissue, and make it hella scary. And I plan too. First project. Beef Netting Cobwebs!

Tired of those cotton based, dollar store cobwebs, I started a hunt for more realistic, more aesthetically appealing spider silk. I knew it was out there, I just wasn't sure what it was called. And thanks to the god damn internet, I found what I needed.

That my friends it Beef Netting in action. It looks a lot better than those regular store bought cobwebs. Thanks to eBay, I secured a pound of beef netting that is 8 yards of that crap. Along with its stretch I think I could cover the entire front of my house with cobwebs. And I am just that enthusiastic about Halloween to do that!

Melissa and I have been dressing up the house for Halloween since last week. We are close to done, but I feel something is missing. She blames it on me being crazy, I blame it on us not having enough stuff. I think though that these beef netting webs will make me more content with our decorations. If it doesn't I don't know what we will do. Short of digging up corpses and re-animating them I don't know what will make me happy.

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CCCD Day 6: Pure Magic

Monday, September 25, 2006 by Geoff

This link right here is magically delicious: Christopher Walken reading The Raven.

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