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Bob Dylan Sang the Classics

Saturday, January 27, 2007 by Geoff

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The Good Old Days

Thursday, January 25, 2007 by Geoff

Up until a few years ago I was a fanatical NHL fan, over the past few years though I've lost interest -- one reason the strike, another reason the watered down, no hitting or fighting, "New" NHL. My love for hockey started about the time I was in kindergarten, and I attended my first Flyers' game when I was in first grade -- they played the Oilers, I sat 4 rows from the ice, and the face value of the ticket was $21.00.

The purpose of the "New" NHL is to create new fans, but I figure people know hockey exist, and you either love or hate it. The coolest jerseys in the world, along with more powerplays, and making the game less violent isn't going to get new fans. We need hockey to go back to the mid 90's and earlier. I want: hard hits, battles for the puck in the corner and fights. Let me just say, as a student of hockey I know checking and fighting aren't the only parts of the game, but they are two very important parts of the game. The romans had the christians and the lions, let us have checks and fisticuffs.

Here's remembering the good ol' days:

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Ricky Gervais + Bible = Funny

Monday, January 22, 2007 by Geoff

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