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Adding to the Insanity

Saturday, April 08, 2006 by Geoff

Click here to hear 'SoaP'

My Snakes On A Plane song.

Mr. Drippy

Friday, April 07, 2006 by Geoff

John Kerry talking about the leaky president.

I hope you bushies are happy. :-)

I am not Calling you God

by Geoff

This man, Paul S. Sewell, he wanted to legally change his name to God. He was denied.

Sewell said he is a self-employed bond enforcement agent and began using the signature because fugitives always prefaced their comments with, "Oh, God," when he captured them.

The whole kitten kaboodle (wtf does that mean?)

If people can be named Jesus, why can't they be named God? I know a man, Lou Seefer, he wanted to change his name to, They Call Me Ishmal, but the judge wouldn't allow it. The Judge stated, "No, they don't."

Whew . . .

by Geoff

That was a close one. I usually post while at work, but since Tuesday I haven't been able to load up blogger. I don't know what it was I just hope it doesn't happen again.

In other news: I just ate a Kashi granola bar. It was very delicious. IMO the best granoly bar I have ever eaten. IN MY LIFE. SINCE I WAS BORN. IN A SMALL TOWN. IN IDAHO. DURING THE GREAT STORM OF 33'.

The bar I ate was Peanut Peanutbutter. I love everything and anything containing peanutbutter, especially chocolate peanutbutter, if it existed. But it doesn't, so I can't enjoy it by eating it. I can only enjoy it by thinking of it.

Lastly, I have been on a wrestling frenzy as of lately - I love any old school WWF wrestling; mid to late 80's and early 90's. My brother and I have been watching old PPV events and we both realized that we want, Randy "Macho Man" Savage sunglasses. I looked on eBay, but no dice. I don't know what they are called, I don't know if they even exist anymore, but I'm thinking they must. They really need to. If you or anyone you know has any information regarding this investigation, please contact your local Geoff Blog. Dig it!

For Real?

by Geoff

After watching the Soprano's yesterday (I was catching up from Sunday) , it got me thinking.

"The evolutionism myth is used to promote the erroneous belief that humans and dinosaurs lived millions of years apart from each other. Children and adults are indoctrinated with this 'belief' starting from early childhood with books that teach it. It's reinforced in the public school system, the media and the entertainment industry. Recent examples include the highly misleading TV documentary called Walking with Dinosaurs that aired on the Discovery Channel, and the History Channel's The Quest for Dinosaurs program.

The Bible clearly teaches that humans and dinosaurs (called "dragons" in the past) were created on the same day. One must engage in hermeneutical back flips to interpret the Bible in any other way on this point. It also goes on to describe interactions between humans and these creatures."

People really believe this?

I didn't realize The Flintstone's was a documentary. Oh,and Dino Riders.

Let's Get Physical

by Geoff

Rare footage of Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior working out.


Monday, April 03, 2006 by Geoff

Yesterday I saw the movie, Lucky Number Slevin , staring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freedman, Josh Hartnett, Sir Ben Kingsley, and Lucy Liu. Overall it was an entertaining kill-fest-o-rama filled with quick and witty dialogue. It took a pinch of Usual Suspects, a dash of Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels/Snatch, and splash of Pulp Fiction. With this recipe, Luck Number Slevin, was predictable at times, but enjoyable, fun, bullet holes, and bloody nonetheless.

Hartnett impressed me. I hadn't seen him in anything else other than Pearl Harbor and 40 days and 40 nights - both really, really, really, really, really, really, alkadaoiewefjow. And Morgan Freedman, although I call him grampa when I refer to him in my circle of friends, he did a nice job as a crime boss. Seriously though, what's the difference between god and crime boss? A darker suit?

I saw the movieeeee early in the afternoon, then at 7 I sat down with some peoples and took the pleasure of watching WRESTLEMANIA 22. Unlike my childhood and teenage years, I do not watch wrestling on a consisted basis. And unlike most people my age who stopped watching wrestling, I didn't stop because I "found out" it was fake, I stopped because the storylines are sucky and there are no real headliners. But for the same reason my grandmom, and nuns around the world watch the Superbowl, I must watch WrestleMania - its friggin' WRESTLEMANIA man! The biggest night in sports entertainment!

I'm not going to review every match, one, I do not feel like it, two . . .feel like it I do not. I will just point out my personal highlights of the night.

Highlight 1: Edge Vs Mick Foley/Mankind/Dude love/Cactus Jack. This match was a hardcore match, for people who don't know - hardcore matches have no rules anything can be used as a weapon, including the kitchen sink, which, in the past has been used. The best part of this match included but was not limited to blood, thumb tacs, fire, barbed wire laced bats and torsos, blood, blood, and a sock wrapped in barbed wire. Although Edge, the rated R superstar, won, Mick Foley kicked ass. A few years ago Foley was told by doctors not to fight anymore because he could die, but not even death could hold back this mad man.

Highlight 2: Shawn Michaels the Heart Break Kid VS Vince McMahon. Vinny Mac, is the 61 year old owner of WWE - but if I look like him when I'm 61, I think I would want to wrestle too. The dude is in some serious shape, and he is possible one of the most underrated funny men in the world. I would pay good money just to watch him make his faces. Believe me this man is a comedic genius from the way he walks into the squared circle, to the way he takes slaps on the chest. Jim Carey eat your own heart from the palm of Vince's cold, blood-soaked hand. The match ended with HBK jumping off a 25-30 Ft ladder and landing with an elbow on his target, Vince, whom was laid upon a table with a metal trash can on his head. It was sweeeeeeet.

High Definition TV with Frickin' Lasers

by Geoff

Mitsubishi is scheduled to announce an HDTV that uses colored lasers instead of lamps. This is supposed to make the sets thinner and cooler. And, instead of having to replace an expensive lamp, the solid-state lasers are supposed to last the lifetime of the set.

I want one.

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