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Monday, August 02, 2004 by Geoff

1. Today, Fat activist from the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance protested the diet industry because they are tired of fat jokes and everyone's obession with dieting. But, after about 10 minutes the protesters became exhausted, got on their handicap scooters and headed to McDonald's.

-the real deal.

2. German scientist have given new hope to teenagers. The scientist have discovered the genetic code which causes acne. With this new information they believe acne will be battled more effectively. Next, the scientist will be trying to discover the gene responsible for uncontrollable boners.

-the real deal.

3. Finally, today, President Bush asked congress to create a position of national intelligence director. Bush said we need an "integrated, unified national intelligence effort." He then challenged everyone to say that 10 times fast.

-the real deal.

Sunday, August 01, 2004 by Geoff

Check this out.

You Have Bad Taste in Music.

This guy speaks the truth while being humorous. Also take a look at the videos they are great. Each video is of him at concerts, before the concert while people are waiting in line or walking to the venue, telling the concert goers they have BAD TASTE IN MUSIC. He attended Justine Timberlake and Christina A., Adema, Ruben Studdard, Train, Staind, Linkin Park, and Evanescence concerts, telling everyone at the show that they have BAD TASTE IN MUSIC. He is a one man revolution and I believe in him (as long as the music I listen to isn't bad in taste, but what I listen to is the truth also).

Please pass this message on. Because most music on the radio is bad.

for good music check this: Okayplayer. The Roots. Modest Mouse.

by Geoff

Oh no, I am changing the channel. I am watching Comedy Central and a Jeff Foxworthy special is coming on, hell no. He was wearing cowboy boots. Now I got talk soup, I think it's talk soup. It's on E!, its setup like talk soup, but they are talking about reality shows. News flash. . . It is talk soup, with a new guy, well I haven't watched talk soup in a long time so he could have been on for awhile. I use to watch it all the time when John "Skunk boy" Henson hosted, I didn't like when Hal Sparks hosted it (although he is quite humorous in VH1's I love the 70's,80's, 80's strike back and I love the 90's.
Yeah this new host is funny.

I recently bought NFL 2k5 for XboX, I highly, highly recommend it. For $20 how can you beat it? With a bat of course but that would be a waste of 20 bucks. Seriously folks, I won't be buying madden, let me restate, as of right now I won't be buying madden when it comes out. Unless the madden people give some surprises. For instance John Madden personally comes by each purchaser's house before or on thanksgiving to prepare turducken. Then I would consider putting up the 50 macaroons for it. For real though, NFL 2k5 is well worth the money. Graphics, game-play, control handling and extras are all great. It is very intense for a video game. In franchise mode you have the option to train your players the entire week before your game. Player (real humans) can have their players (computer people) lift weights, scrimmage, watch game films, they can even have their players practice ballet. WOW.

My a/c needs to work better.


The name is Geoff. Give me a job. I already have one, but I want something esle.


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