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Don't Hassle My Hoff

Friday, July 07, 2006 by Geoff

Thank Tom for the link

David Hass-the-Hoff's new music video

Lunch With Apollo

Thursday, July 06, 2006 by Geoff

I, Geoff, do not like the beach.

I know I may be the odd one with this, but the beach, the sand, the ocean, the heat, the sun, and the sweating, it does nothing for me; except make me hate.

As a young man of the age of 5, I found myself merrily prancing to the beach one early afternoon in late July, during the year one-thousand nine-hundred and eighty-six. Accompanied by my parents I skipped along the soft, sandy beaches of the Isle by the Sea, located within, the Jersey of the New.

With a sand pail in one hand, and a plastic Acme bag full of He-Man action figures in the other, my parents and I settled on the beach one furlong away from the body-cooling water.

Upon my mother completing the lathering-of-the-goop ritual atop my post-toddler skin, I was free to play. Head first, I dove into the plastic Acme bag reaching for the closest figure.

Alas! The Bee-Man figure.

Like a crack laden homeless man searching for a new home, I started to dig, and dig, and dig into the sand. Dry sand became wet sand, wet sand became muddy sand, muddy sand became water, water became China. I could dig no further. Delirious from inhaling so much sand, and the spf 50 sun-block seeping into my blood stream, I did the only thing a crazed 5-year-old could do.

I threw Bee-Man into the hole.

Thinking it would be fun for He-Man and his cronies to find Mr. Bee later in the day, I placed the sand back into the hole.

Having the mental capacity of a 5 year-old I left damn Bee-Man in the hole.

From that day forward, I promised myself never to enjoy the beach again until I found Bee-Man.

I can still hear his horror filled silence as I covered him with the sand.

Ch-ch-ch Check It

Tuesday, July 04, 2006 by Geoff

Happy 4th.

My buddy, Matt Gauss, has a new song, "Wrap It Like A Turbin." Check it out on his myspace http://myspace.com/mattgauss.

Also, this Friday, July 7th, Matt will be playing at the Grape Street Pub in Manayunk @ 8:15. It is a good time, and I will be there.


The name is Geoff. Give me a job. I already have one, but I want something esle.


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