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Friday, December 02, 2005 by Geoff

Walker Texas Ranger

Its kind of wierd I'm posting two Conan google-video related. . .things(?) in one week, but this must be seen.

The Most Fabulous Conan-Walker-Texas-Ranger-Video, ever.

Share this with the masses.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005 by Geoff

When I met Conan

I wanted to give google video a try. So, here's a crazy little video of me meeting Conan. I was speechless.

Cooonan Oooo'Briiien

He was tall as hell and it was a bit surreal meeting him. He seemed like a cool guy; for the 8 seconds I knew him.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005 by Geoff

I would play with myself all day.

Yes. I just read what I wrote, but its true. Its very true.

This place,Andgor Toy, will make, even for you, an action figure out of your own likeness. THAT IS SWEEET. Move over Raph, there's another cool-but-rude dude coming. What I'm going to wear? Will I have kung-fu grip? Or will I have a spring loaded-arm that when pulled back, I release the most devastating punch mankind has ever played with? This is really tempting. I might have to wait until after the holidays, or maybe use some Geoffrey money to buy myself.

Collect them all!

Monday, November 28, 2005 by Geoff


My people were pouring over my books, they came to the conclusion that I must make cut backs if I want to fulfill my holiday gift quota. Actually, I just got my checking balance through telephone banking, and using some simple arithmetic:
(present) balance + (2 more) pay checks before Christmas = allotted gift money.

Now possible cutbacks include:
skipping on cable bill (not possible)

skipping on phone bill (possible but wouldn't make that much of a difference)

skipping on student loans (I would save good amount of money, with the possibility of getting marks on my credit :-) )

skipping on my car insurance (this bill is really a nuisance. It comes but twice a year. But they offer a new payment plan, I can split the bill into 2. Half now, the other a few months from now.)

What would you do? (c) Marc Summers

I'm multi-tasking because I am also trying to come up with gift ideas. This gets harder every year. I always think why can't the people I need to buy for be as easy as me. I have a lot of interest and hobbies that are public known, world wide. I would love it if someone was as easy to buy as I am.

Then my girlfriend comes along and tells me I'm the hardest person to buy for. I can't be the hardest person to buy for if I would be the happiest person in the world if I just got toys. I'm 23, err, 24 (that damn 11/11 had to come around didn't it?), and I like plastic things. . . with legs. . . and heads. . . that resemble other things that . . . I like. . .a lot. Or on the flip side if someone got me a new powerbook, I would be equally or more happy than I would be for the toys.


The Critic, I got the complete series last year, for Christmas, I think. I watched the first disc as soon as I got my hands on it. I was going to have a critic watching marathon, but things didn't pan out as planned and I had to put it down for a minute or two.

FF-> to last friday. My girlfriend falls asleep, nothing is on tv, BANG. I put disc two in like a gansta, the way it is supposed to be laidededed doWN. Long story short I plan to have the whole series watched by the end of the week. Of course it is only monday, we'll see if I'm feeling as feisty when thursday night rolls around. Anyway, the point being, this little production is a gem. A very underrated piece of comedy. Jay Sherman and friends and Simpsons producers keep it real like ron popeil.

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