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Friday, February 10, 2006 by Geoff

Well tonight is the night. It is the Season, I hope not series, finale of the one and only, Arrested Development. Don't forget to tune in, 8-10 pm.

Faking It

George, Sr. hires a new attorney who asks the Bluths to participate in a mock trial to help prepare them for the real thing. The attorney gets actor Judge Reinhold, to preside over the mock case. Meanwhile, Buster fakes a coma to get out of testifying and George Michael and Maeby participate in a mock wedding to entertain hospital patients. Back at the office, Michael discovers he may have a long-lost sister named Nellie Bluth.

LOST stuff.

Thursday, February 09, 2006 by Geoff

You can own your very own Oceanic Flight 815 boarding pass.

The wonders of eBay.

Check out his other auctions too. I might have to get a Drive Shaft back stage pass.

I must say, LOST, I thought was excellent last night. I like this new angle of "King" Sawyer, and henchman Charlie. I'm excited to see where it will take us.

Edit: Here is the orientation video that the losties watched in the hatch.

Over. . .Seen at the Office

Wednesday, February 08, 2006 by Geoff

While near a vending machine, for my afternoon break, I saw a fat woman make use of said vending machine. First at the drink machine she got a Pepsi, she then waddled 1 foot-to the side-to the snack machine. She deposited her first .75, her prize? A nice size bag of doritos (prob 2 servings worth). Now, I thought to myself, she shouldn't really be eating that. Then, I heard clink, clink, clink-another .75. This apparently wasn't an impulse buy, it seemed more of a "I'm still going to be hungry after this bag of chips, what else should I get," buy. D6-Butterfinger. A king-size one. OK. Clink, clink, clink, clink, clink-another .75. She must have ran out of quarters. I think she knew what she wanted, a quick flick of her gristle covered pudge-finger. Baaa. . .Its stuck. Its stuck between the glass and the lower level of snacks. SMACK. With one swift(?) punch of the glass her third afternoon treats falls to its death. Herris Potato chips, looks to be another 2 server.

Indonesia Lost World With PICS!!!

by Geoff

The pictures of the new species found in Indonesia.

read more | digg story

Office stuff

Tuesday, February 07, 2006 by Geoff

Gervais & Stephen Merchant to write episode of US Office

If this happens, it will be very, very, sweeet.

Video Bomb

by Geoff

Just got this in my Email.

Hi everyone,

Today we're announcing our latest baby, Videobomb. Videobomb combines aspects of the news site digg.com and the bookmarking site del.icio.us to make a democratic playground for video. People can submit videos and vote ("bomb") their favorites onto the front page. Your favorites go to your own personal channel, that your friends can watch in players like DTV or iTunes.


Pretty cool idea. Similar to some other video sites but not quite the same thing.

Break-Fast, the movie of champions

by Geoff

^^^ Title of original post, I didn't like it. So I will offer you snakesonablog.com. This page is pretty much the one-stop-snakes-on-a-shop internet page thingy for the most awesome movie and movement, Snakes on a Plane. Last week I posted one of two of my home made SoaP movie posters. This guy has posted both of mine on his page. Here's the other:

Edit: I just realized I plugged snakesonablog the other day. I'm getting old and running out of ideas. Dagnabit. I apologize.


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