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Sleigh Crash Site Discovered; End of Christmas?

Serbia, Russia - (AP) This morning in Siberia a group of hikers discovered a scorched crash site about 200 miles north of Barnaul, the most populous city in this mostly barren snow land. Details are not clear, but early reports are stating that the hikers stumbled across the smoldering crash site of a large aircraft, possibly a sleigh, being pulled by what appears to be six to eight tiny reindeer or regular deer. The authorities are not confirming or denying any information until a complete autopsy of the body in the aircraft is complete; however, the coroners’ office has confirmed that the human remains are that of a large male in his thousands.

This crash comes only a month after the North Pole issued a press release stating, albeit cryptically, “Today, North Pole R&D has ushered in a new era. The sleigh ride will never be the same.”


“Sleigh Crash Site Discovered; End of Christmas?”