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CCCD 3: Scary-ass Disney Cartoons

A large part of my Halloween experience as a kid involved watching, over and over of course, Disney's Halloween Treat. If you don't know what I'm talking about you should be ashamed, especially if you are my age. I would place the blame on your parents. But I digress. I absolutely loved this clip montage video, not only during Halloween -- I love it the whole year round. I remember going to our local drug store, which was a movie rental place (pre-blockbuster) and renting this gem, all the damn time.

I hadn't seen the video in a long time and last year I was determine to find a copy. Fast forward a year, I find it. A few weeks ago I was presented with a link to download the video -- let me tell you I was piss pants excited. Now the bad boy is on my hard-drive waiting for me to do what I please with it. I have watched it twice so far and I am surprised that I didn't grow up to be the next Ed Gein. Please, allow me to present somewhat of a photo essay of Disney's Halloween Treat.

Oh, it's just Mickey with a shotgun...A SHOTGUN!!!! Yes, people your eyes aren't deceiving you. That is Mickey with, maybe, a 12-gauge shotty. Let's hope Pluto doesn't make any sudden moves or piss-off Mickey too much. Or let's pray Mickey doesn't find Minnie with Goofy. I know what you are thinking, "Elmer Fudd, has a shotgun." And you know what Mr. Fudd is a hunter, Mickey is MICKEY! It's like seeing a puppy dog eat a baby. It isn't right.

Mickey the Murker Mouse

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yes, that is the fricking devil. Laughing, and nodding at you in all of his devilness. I have nothing against the devil, I mean everybody has their hustle, but this dude is scary. Just look at him...NOT TOO LONG! You don't want him to eat your soul. Do you?

^^^^^He is in his battle stance.

Oh, there is Pluto running into some demented cat temple.

I'll let the picture speak.

Here is completely sane Donald Duck -- those M-80s are going in his nephews' trick-or-trick bags -- what a sick bastard.

Maybe Donald was right for blowing up his nephew's bags, those costumes are lame.

You may look at the pictures and see nothing wrong. Maybe there isn't anything wrong, maybe I was just fishing for a Halloween topic to write about. But maybe I am right, and if I am right...I guess I will be right.

Watch the video yourself, be a mature adult and make your own decision. A little treat.

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“CCCD 3: Scary-ass Disney Cartoons”

  1. Anonymous Justin Says:

    Very nice. I remember this very well from back in the day. I'm suprised that they haven't released it on DVD yet.

  2. Blogger Geoff Says:

    I know, everything should be on DVD by now. That and Monster Squad need and deserve a proper DVD release.