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Let's Talk . . .

Let's talk about spandex tights, white tube socks, over-size shirts, and white sneakers. This said ensemble, in my years of observation, seems to be the official uniform for 49.9% of fat woman. Me being a male I know nothing about being a fat woman, but I do know that spandex does not conceal fat or look good, especially when those spandex pants are tucked into white tube socks. This look might have worked as a workout outfit in the 80's, but it no longer works today, whether it be workingout, hanging at home, or more importantly at WORK.

Walking into work this morning (I will remind you I do not work for the government but I work in a government building, which means I am exposed to government workers) I saw two women talking - One woman was wearing a nice work-suit, and the other woman was wearing a nice workout suit, from the 80's. Now, both of these woman, although over-weight they were not extremely obese, I've seen worse, a lot worse.

When the one woman was getting dressed this morning, when the woman was putting on her super stretch pants, tucking them into her crispy white tube socks, then topping the outfit off with white keds and a giant t-shirt - did she really think she looked good?

Maybe I'm the fool, maybe she has a time machine and she gets dressed at a early 80's gym every morning. Or maybe she is the fool and she should get her shop on at her local lane bryant.

“Let's Talk . . .”