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Well, its here.

It is officially Christmas Eve. All the hard work; shopping, decorating, cooking, viewing of Christmas specials and movies, will all be behind us after tomorrow's gift giving extravaganza. I love receiving gifts just as much as the next kid, but it seems once Christmas morning passes, and you head off to your family get together, that christmasy feel doesn't feel as molesty, a good molesty, as it did during the prior weeks.

I guess its the anticipation of the whole thang.

One strong memory, actually more of a feeling I had as a kid was coming home Christmas night. Ya see, as a wee lad, we would open the gifts in the morning, pig out on breakfast pastries, then we would head to my one grandmom's house (mom's mom) then after dinner we would head to my other grandmom's house (dad's mom). Then we would head back home. Maybe we would get back at 8 or 9, I don't know it was dark and it felt late. And since I didn't have school the next day bed time was pushed back. As we would be entering our front door I would get this feeling, I don't know what it was, probably just excitement but it was a little extra because I knew under that glowing tree there were fresh new toys for me to play with.

And unlike the morning, where I only had a certain amount of time to play with my new loot before we went on our journey for that day. When we came home at night the only limit I had, was my ability to stay awake. It was great playing with the new stuff on Christmas night, because the only lighting in the house wasn't from any lamps, Christmas night, light, was solely provided by the million and billions of tiny lights from the tree to the wreaths in the window to the lights all outside and all the lights highlighting each doorway in the house. Those Christmas lights gave that extra oomph to playing, it was the way the tree lights bounced off of Rock & Roll Michaelangelo's eyes.


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